B.A.C.A. of Florida

Welcome to B.A.C.A® of Florida

PO Box 416420

Miami Beach, FL 33141

Florida State Positions


President: Olaf – Sawgrass

Vice President: Bones – Seven Bridges

Treasurer: Pooch – Sawgrass

Secretary: RnB – Space Coast

Sgt.at Arms: Big Wheel – Bay Bridges

Chapter Development: Freeze – Hurricane Alley

Child Liaison: Starz – Seven Bridges

Public Relations: Bear – Tri County

Clinical Advisor: Harley – Seven Bridges

IT Administrator: Mello – Bay Bridges

Our Mission is simple: we empower abused children to not feel afraid of the world in which they live.

Florida is currently made up of the following chapters:

TRI COUNTY — Orlando


CROSSROADS — Daytona Beach

SEVEN BRIDGES — Jacksonville

BAY BRIDGES – Tarpon Springs


CITY OF PALMS – Fort Myers


SPACE COAST – Melbourne

To find out more about the B.A.C.A® chapter nearest you, just click on the links above.

In loving memory of our fallen brothers and sisters:

Timothy “Storm” Agee – Crossroads 

Joe “Road Dog” Akel – Tri-County 

Dale “Grizz” Bizub – Tri-County 

Steve “Shooter” Brayman – Tri-County 

Stan “Bullseye” Fellers – Crossroads 

William “Wuzzy” Forbes – Tri-County 

Dale “Gunz” Francis – Tri-County 

Mary Jane “Bella” Gigatti – Space Coast 

Donald “Duck” Harvey – Crossroads 

Scott “Turbo” Hood – Space Coast 

Steve “Badger” Jones – Hurricane Alley  

Charles “Wrench” Mothershed – Bay Bridges 

Jennifer “Trinity” Owen – Hurricane Alley  

Wally “Trike” Parker – Hurricane Alley  

Lanny Duane “Moses” Phillips – Crossroads 

Pablo “Loop Hole” Ramirez – Tri-County 

William “Rocky” Snedden Jr.- Sawgrass 

Howard “Stump” Young – Hurricane Alley 

Stanley “Fonze” Sikora – City of Palms 

Alfonso “Fonzie” Cirritto – Crossroads 

Heidi “Kaleido” Sinclair-Thomas – Hurricane Alley

Jamie “Saphire” McClendon – Paynes Prairie

Rain or shine we empower the children of Florida.