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B.A.C.A. of Florida

Welcome to B.A.C.A. of Florida

Our mission is simple: we empower abused children to not feel afraid of the world in which they live.

Florida is currently made up of the following chapters:

TRI COUNTY — Orlando


SEVEN BRIDGES — Jacksonville

THOUSAND LAKES – Winter Haven 

CROSSROADS – Daytona Beach

BAY BRIDGES – Tarpon Springs


City of Palms – Fort Myers

Paynes Prairie – Alachua

Space Coast – Melbourne

To find out more about the B.A.C.A. chapter nearest you, just click on the links to the right or the names of the chapters above.

In loving memory of our fallen brothers and sisters:
Joe “Road Dog” Akel
Dale “Grizz” Bizub
Steve “Shooter” Brayman
Stan “Bullseye” Fellers
William “Wuzzy” Forbes
Dale “Gunz” Francis
Mary Jane “Bella” Gigatti
Steve “Badger” Jones
Charles “Wrench” Mothershed
Wally “Trike” Parker
Pablo “Loop Hole” Ramirez
William “Rockey” Snedden Jr.
Howard “Stump” Young

Rain or shine we empower the children of Florida.

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State Officers

President: Chops

Vice President: Arizona

Treasurer: Sidetrack

Secretary: Mouse Arms: BaddBob

Chapter Development: Simpleman

Public Relations: Bear

Clinical Advisor: Harley

IT Administrator: Stealth

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